Advantages & Examples

The CarPointer system works in real time, without delays, totally independently, wireless, directly connected to your own computer. This means that no intervention is needed from a control room based on SMS or other expensive equipment, e.g. via an Internet server.

The only condition is the availability of a well-covered GSM network to allow a wireless connection to the unit. This can be achieved through the very cost-effective GSM-Data and, where available, also through GPRS. No use means NO extra monthly charges and definitely NO expensive yearly contracts. This allows you to completely control the use and cost, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.

DCF 1.0
Real-Time & registration on the road with CarPointer.

An excellent example of modern wireless communication technology is the application of the CarPointer programme on a “ FlyBook”, the smallest portable computer currently available,
bringing all the CarPointer configurations completely wireless within your reach in an A5 format.

Advantages & features:

  • No extra monthly subscription cost
  • No yearly contracts
  • No slow SMS messages
  • No connection via an expensive Internet server
  • No control room or other third party needed
  • Alerts within 10 seconds on your own GSM or PC
  • Each alarm function is separately programmable
  • “Speak & listen” connection directly available in case of emergencies
  • Extra ignition blocking & speed control in case of emergencies (via GSM, wireless!)
  • 6 alarm input entries and 4 variable output entries (via GSM, wireless!)
  • Completely independent management of the system
  • Unlimited wireless information gathering via GSM*
  • Position and status of the object viewed immediately LIVE without delays
  • Simultaneous management of unlimited number of vehicles
  • Multiple vehicles tracked simultaneously (Multi-Tracking)
  • Geo-fencing programmable in several zones
  • Impeccable vehicle administration
  • Fleet management with extensive reporting, both private and business
  • Detailed kilometer administration and start/stop times
  • Accurate registration of speed
  • Accurate registration of work hours / time justification
  • Software deliverable in 5 levels
  • Tailor-made software available
  • Worldwide GPS registration
  • Up-to-date mapping software available at street level* for Western and Eastern Europe (Standard)
  • Up-to-date mapping software available at street level* for USA (optional)
  • Display of position by location, street name, house number and postcode*
  • Portable use anywhere in the world
  • Export of journey data to your own administration
  • Privacy guaranteed, calling in without authorisation is impossible
  • Optimal security for access to data through unique ID-key
  • Technical support available 24 hours per day
*Where available
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