Alarm functions

CarPointer proposes a series of alarm functions, depending on the choice of software.

  • Burglary alarm
  • Battery alarm
  • Panic button
  • Ignition-alarm on / off
  • Movement alarm (distance programmable)
  • Speeding (# km/hour programmable)
  • Geo-fencing (several zones programmable)
  • Maximum 4 digital alarm input entries
  • Maximum 2 analogue input entries (with variable acceptable values)
  • Maximum 4 output entries


Optional panic button in the car

Remote intervention
CarPointer allows several tailor-made wireless interventions to the vehicle. In case of theft of the vehicle for example this allows intervention in the engine management system. On request, we provide a maximum of 4 remote intervention functions that can be applied in combination with, for example, speed control like ECO-DRIVE, VDO, etc. This and other remote intervention functions are subject to a number of safety protocols. They can be programmed into the software as supplementary options and will be installed in the vehicle by a specialist only.
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