CarPointer software, licences en prices

Use of software and licenses
Only one special CarPointer operating software package is needed per office / work group. It is possible to install the license on multiple computers, as long as these are used in the same location. Any extra location will require a supplementary license. Per license an unlimited number of units can be tracked! CarPointer has integrated Microsoft’s Mappoint-2004 mapping software into its system. When you install the CarPointer operating software you automatically agree with the license conditions as provided to us by Microsoft.
To prevent abuse, CarPointer software has a unique serial number in combination with hardware-coupled access security in the form of a dongle. Each license comes with 1 free hardware dongle for 1 workstation for access to the software level of your choice. Extra dongles for each license can be provided on demand, both for single-user and multi-user on a network server. No supplementary single-user dongles are required when a network server application is used with the network dongle.

Currently we market the software in 5 versions.

Level 1 Basic = Real-time tracking/tracing, basic burglary alarm and battery-alarm. No history function.
Level 2 Basic+ = similar to 1 + panic intervention function, basic history + reporting.
Level 3 Silver = similar to 1 & 2 + detailed history + reporting, extended alarm functions,
multi-tracking, history scheduler, fleet-owner history and geo-fencing*
Level 4 Gold = similar to 3 + maximum of 4 intervention functions can be applied via GSM or computer.
Level 5 Gold+ = similar to 4 + network version for single use of the programme in a network
environment, option for maximum 4 simultaneous users with extra multi-user network-Dongle.
Level 6 = tailor-made software – special requests will be developed within the technical capabilities of the system.
* Geofencing med June 2005.

CarPointer hardware prices:  

CarPointer unit model G10, incl. combi-antenna & powercable

€ 995.=
CarPointer TWIST USB or serial RS-232 modem € 295.=
CarPointer SAMBA USB-modem incl. USB docking station € 295.=

Price per license:
Level 1 € 595.=
Level 2 € 695.=
Level 3 € 895.=
Level 4 € 995.=
Level 5 € 1295.=
Level 6 Calculated on request

Price for extra hardware-dongles, USB or Parallel
Single-user / stand-alone with PC or laptop, per piece € 95.=
Multi-user in a network environment, network-dongle 4 users € 175.=



For migration to a higher level within 12 months of purchase, the price difference will be calculated. The required dongle will be upgraded for free to the new level.

General conditions
All prices are exclusive of VAT, installation and fine-tuning
Warranty: 12 months after delivery.
Update of the operating software is free within a period of 12 months after delivery, via your dealer or to be downloaded for free from the internet with a valid license.


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