The CarPointer unit disposes of a memory for a maximum of 100,000 lines of history. All relevant data is stored in this memory through an in-house developed method, which saves memory capacity when the vehicle is stationary for more than 1 minute. The stored history can easily be read with the CarPointer TWIST on GSM/GPRS or through a simple telephone landline with a regular fax/data modem. The only condition for wireless retrieval of journey data is that the CarPointer unit is located in an area where mobile phone connections are possible. The programme offers you the possibility to request the available information per period and use the data in your administration. The data can be collected at random by date or time with a minimum of 1 minute per period up to the maximum of all data stored in the unit. The unit memory is continuous and therefore constantly available for information. As soon as the memory is full, the oldest data will be overwritten, which allows each unit to constantly provide a maximum of 100,000 lines of recent journey information. With daily usage this translates to a timeframe between 6 weeks and over 3 months of information storage, depending on the activity of the vehicle.

Guarantee and protection of journey data
In combination with the CarPointer software, CarPointer offers state-of-the-art call in/call out security. Upon delivery, each unit can be individually equipped with a list of mobile and/or landline numbers that you provide, which will be the only ones authorized to dial in to the unit. A maximum of 8 call-in numbers can be programmed per unit. Access to the operating system and the data in its database is only possible through a special unique ID-key, which is a USB or a parallel dongle. This dongle is strictly personal and only provides access to the CarPointer units you purchased. Without your authorization it is impossible to start the programme and/or make a connection with the units, which prevents tampering with journey data and ensures your privacy.


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